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2. Custom Babe Deposit- Stetson Cowboy

2. Custom Babe Deposit- Stetson Cowboy

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$225 deposit due for booking a Stetson wool/felt custom. Remaining balance and shipping due at hat’s completion. Current custom turn around time is 3.5 weeks from order to shipped.

*This is not a deposit for the standard customs or the Cody customs. Please visit those sections for those deposits!*

EMAIL: with the following information:

•If wanting a Cody Tattoo add on design please email a general idea of what type of design you would like. Example: floral, traditional tattoo style, free creative control, etc. *You will need to add the Cody Tattoo design add on to your cart to have this included with your custom. :)

•Head size. (Please refer to the measurement and sizing chart.)

•Hat color requested.

•If requesting a Stetson straw please note in email as well.

•Backup color in case requested color is not available.

•Accent colors not to use.

•Custom burnt in lettering on brim? Inside? Outside?

•Anything else I should know.

*Posted photos are previous customs that have been done. I can make a similar style if there are some you love!

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